Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally... a Post!!

I know, I know, it's about time for a post! I've just been lazy... and honestly I can't take much credit for these pictures because Amber took them and emailed them to me! I'm going to get motivated again and keep the blog current (not that anyone really cares... I guess I'm just feeling guilty :). We have had VBS this week and on Wednesday we went over to Mom and Dad's afterwards for a little lunch and swimming. It was Brandan's day off, so he got to be there with us too. The girls had a lot of fun, it is funny how different they are in the water this summer compared to last summer. I definately recommend water wings vs. a life jacket for the pool... much easier to play. Thanks for letting us borrow yours, Amber! Well, enjoy the pictures, I'm ready to swim again!!





Don't know what happened to this pic, but it is a really cute one... Drew is putting Megan's sunglasses on for her!

Evie and Megan taking a snack break... swimming is hard work!

Laci in action! She did a great job of jumping off the board!

Finley getting dried off

Drew and Evie

Got Sunglasses??!!