Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beach- All in One

Okay, so I had planned on blogging our beach trip out in nice little organized starting with the departure, then going into day one etc., etc,. but, I got waaay to lazy for that haha! So, here is our beach trip all in one! I did try to give it some organization, so it isn't too overwhelming!

Beach Hats for the Boys

This picture is a little dark, but I had to post it. We would line the boys up at the front door and yell, "on your mark, get set, GO!" they would run their stumpy little legs as fast as they would go...I bet they did it a million times and it was precious every time :)

Grillin' Out
Drew hanging out sippin her Sunny D

We cooked every night of the trip except one. Mom grabbed a cookbook and planned out a menu on the drive to Destin. We were able to buy groceries for the meals she had planned out... it actually worked out really great. Bennett and Michael are about as much fun as getting sand in your crack when it comes to eating out, so we just played it safe and stayed in :)

Down by the Beach...

Showing me one of the gazillion seashells she found :)

Bennett has an apple shoved in his mouth... Apple was a popular snack for us on the beach

We had red flags most days... this day was a nice, calm water day, so we took advantage and everybody got in!

There was a sand sculpting contest down the beach one day. Mom took the girls down to check it out

Louisiana Lagniappe
One of our favorite restaurants to eat at is Louisiana Lagniappe. We try and go there every year. This was our one night to eat out. Good thing for the dock, ducks, hermit crabs and large birds...the boys had some entertainment.
The dock is always a great place for pictures

Destin Commons
Drew saw a girl painting faces, so of course she had to have hers done! I was all about it and excited for her too... then I looked at the price!! 26.00 bucks for this masterpiece!! Now, I will say this is way more detailed than your typical heart, balloons etc. but 26.00?! Of course I had already told her yes so there was no backing out, but in my mind I was thinking "in about 15min. you're going to want to go play in those fountains right behind us and this 26.00 is going to go washing down your face" And yes in about 15min it did go washing down her face, but this picture of her is totally worth 26.00 :) !!

Bennett and the Bat

Some how or another Bennett got a hold of Laci and Megan's wiffle ball bat... and became a total menace on the beach!! He would chase anyone and everyone who would run! In the picture above he had just whacked poor Michael in the head and in the picture below... well Laci's expression shows it all :)

Family Picture Night

Beach Burying
And what's a beach trip without a little burying?!

Destin, FL 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We headed out the last week of June for Destin, FL. We typically prefer to go in "off season" May or the beginning of September, but we chose last minute this year for June. It was quite a bit more crowded than we are used to, but Destin is Destin and we had a great time :)

Ohhh, poor Pastor Rick haha.... he hitched a ride with the Hudspeth/Hendrix clans to meet up with his family...he may have been regretting that decision when we said "here ya go, here's a kid to entertain" haha! Hopefully we weren't too terrible to travel with :)!!

Evie giving uncle hud a play-by-play on the oh so very entertaining barbie movie :)

The boys moved around quite a bit...I'm not gonna lie, it was a little stressful at moments,but luckily it was a fairly short trip. And you may wonder, "why not strap them in carseats?" Well,
1). we needed the seat room and 2). honestly we tried that on the way back and I would much rather deal with the antsy-ness than ear piercing screams from being ticked off!! :)
p.s.-they were most certainly strapped down for take off and landing :)

White sandy beaches and beautiful blue water to come...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Swimmin' Sweeties

We didn't do anything much on the 4th because Brandan was working. Our neighborhood pool was open for the holiday (it usually isn't on Monday's) so I took Bennett and Drew up there. I snapped this picture of them and thought it was pretty cute and funny. Bennett has grown and changed so much this summer.

Friday, July 15, 2011

We Love Popsicles!

We can be found doing this any day of the summer, but these pictures were actually taken in June. Popsicles have become a very popular after dinner treat these days ;) I love all the silly expressions on their faces...perfectly displays the chaos that is our lives haha!