Sunday, October 16, 2011

September in October Post- Horse Show

Drew went with Nana to Joseph's girlfriend's horse show in Little Rock back in September. I'm not quite sure what the horse show entailed or exactly what the horse had to do, but I do know that his girlfriend was dressed something like you would imagine Barbie to be dressed if she were in a horse show. So, of course Drew thought it was great! Bennett and I hung back at home until he was finished napping and then we met them up there. When we got there I walked up to see Drew taking a stroll atop the horse! Lol! Of course when Bennett saw her that's exactly where he wanted to be too!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

September in October Post- Field Trip to the Fair

Drew's first field trip of 4yr old preschool was to the petting zoo at the fair. This field trip also happened to be in the same week she started school... talk about wham bam haha! We have had two more field trips since this one- to the arts center to see a play and to the pumpkin patch!Busy busy :)

Bennett tagged along too... I'm pretty sure he wanted to hop in the pen with most of the animals

Drew with the black bunny


Drew was the snack leader for this day... She brought cute little cookies that were decorated with different farm animals-they were a hit ;)

Drew's class minus Finley... she was a the beach
(for our sake I'm gonna list out the kids)
L to R: Hudson, Brady, Kolby, JackLandon, Easton, Jack, Drew, Caroline, AnnaBeth, Abby,
and Taylor

Drew and Jack... Jack looks thrilled to have his picture made :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

September in October Post- First Day of 4yr old Preschool

Drew is having a great year at preschool! We don't have sweet Mrs Joyce this year because last year was her last, but we do have Mrs Jodi! Drew seems to really like her and has adjusted well to having a new teacher. I know she must like her when each time she sees her she hollers "Mrs. Jodi!!" and runs and gives her a big hug :). While Drew is having a great year she has had a couple of incidents where her "lively personality" has shown through... one dealing with cat poop on the playground-which I can't even go into because it just mortifies me-lol!! Here are a few pictures from her first day. Bennett's expressions in these pictures are cracking me up.

Bennett's "serious thinker" expression

Big girl :)

Bennett's "let me go now" expression

Bennett's "why is my sister grabbing me like this" expression

Bennett's "I'm up to no good" expression...I'm about to yank that camera from your hands momma!

Evie and Drew... See how tall Evie is?!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Woo Piggies

Brandan and Drew got to go to the Razorback and Auburn game last Saturday...special Daddy/daughter time :) Bennett and I stayed home because this momma can't wrangle that wild man for the duration of a televised football game :) Plus it was nice for Drew to hang out with Brandan. From what I understand it was a pretty great game! I took a few pics before they headed out

Monday, October 10, 2011


Yes, the Hudspeth's are still here :)... Although for the month of september I fell of the face of the blogging planet. Not, that I had nothing to blog about...actually quite the contrary! I just never had the motivation or energy to sit down and do it! So my plan is to do a few "September in October" posts. We had so much going on in September, as I'm sure most of you did as well :) Drew started 4 year old preschool and had her first field trip of the year in the same week, I had a birthday-what's the deal with continually getting older-lol?!! We went to a rodeo horse show and Drew did a little Halloween costume photo shoot for Savvy Kids! Not to mention life in general :)
BUT before I get too behind for the month of October as well, I wanted to post about how we started our month.
We got to go to the Taylor Swift Concert!! It was alot of fun, but I'm not sure that Drew is quite old enough for concerts just yet haha! Everything started (opening bands etc...) around 7pm, so of course we had to actually get there around 6pm, but Taylor didn't perform until close to 8:45!! Whew... that's like close to an hour past Drew's bed time. Now, don't get me wrong she was pumped, screaming, yelling and dancing, but about 3 songs in she was sprawled out on me telling me she was tired and ready to go home!Lol!! I made her hang in there till her favorite song was performed and then we headed out. I must be honest, I was a little disappointed to leave... T. Swift puts on a good show!! Here are a few pictures from our evening courtesy of Rachel :)
How cute are they?!

The Girls

Taylor performing "You Belong with Me" Drew's favorite song!

Drew and Finely got guitar pics from one of the stage guys as we were leaving...I'm pretty sure they thought Taylor actually used them :) Who knows maybe she did?!
Fun night Fun memories!