Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sweet Bennett

I can't believe it, Bennett will be 5mos. old on Friday! Time is going by so fast. He is the sweetest little thing ever! Here are a few pics that I got of him Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Pics and A Year

Well we have been having a great summer so far! Drew is doing lots of swimming and going to the lake. Bennett and I usually stay close to the house because it is too blazing hot outside for him. He can't do the whole pool thing just yet because he isn't old enough for sunscreen. So, I don't have a lot of pool pictures this summer.
We had VBS last week which was lots of fun, but tiring. We took Drew to see Toy Story 3 and she LOVED it! We visited our library and got signed up for the summer reading program, which we are doing pretty good with. Pretty much doing your typical summer stuff... eating popsicles, staying up a little later at night and trying to stay cool! Here are a few pics of the summer.

Playing on the trampoline when it was bearable to be outside without being in the pool. Evie was frying Drew and Honey in the frying pan.

We went and visited Nanny and Pop-pop one day.

Some updates on Bennett... he can roll over both ways now, and wishes so bad that he could get on all fours and move. He loves to talk and coo. He loves when Drew sits and talks to him. He likes to play in the exersaucer. He is eating baby food and does NOT like peas... I mean he does a whole body shiver and makes the worst face... but seems to be doing pretty well with everything else. He has the cutest belly laugh and is a very sweet baby, laid back and watches everything! I think Bennett needs a post devoted to just him.... I'll get on that :)

Bennett fell asleep in his swing while holding onto the little pull toy. I thought it was really cute.

So I've been meaning to post this since the end of May and here it is the end of June. I started my blog in May 09 and around that time we were going to watch Kris Allen perform in Little Rock at the River Market for his hometown performance (you should go back to my archives and check it out :) ) Well almost a year later... May 2010... we were once again heading to see Kris Allen at Saline Summer Daze. This time instead of just watching him perform we actually got to meet him!
Drew waiting

Evie flashing her VIP pass

Drew was extra tired... look at those sleepy eyes

I spotted Kris' wife in the crowd and made my way to her to ask if I could get a picture. She was very personable and sweet considering she had no idea who I was!

And here we are with Kris! Drew buried her head in Brandan's neck... of course... He was also super nice. I had my camera, but I didn't want to annoy him by asking for pictures. He actually asked us if we would like a picture...ummm, yeah!

So, that is a little update on our lives. Ill see if I can't round up some pictures of trips to the pool from some other cameras.