Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last Day of Preschool

Thursday was officially Drew's last day of 3yr old preschool!! I can't believe it, the year flew by! It makes me nervous for how fast her 4yr old year is going to fly by... that means kindergarten will be here before I blink!!Ahhhh!
Okay, so I purposefully dressed her in the outfit she wore on the first day of school because I wanted to compare and see how much she changed from the beginning of the year to the end... I can tell she's grown a little (a little taller and chubbier, I think) and looks a little older too :)

This is the first day of 3yr old preschool
Her skirt and shirt were a little baggier at the beginning and her hair was definitely shorter and one thing I know that grew is her feet!!ha! The sandals in this beginning of year pic are size 8 and the sandals I put her in on the last day were 10's!:)
Bennett has for sure changed!

Drew wanted to know if I could see her through the opening haha

Oh, we LOVED Mrs. Joyce! And we are going to miss her so much :( ! Drew learned so much this year... academically and socially. It was such a wonderful experience and largely in part because of Mrs. Joyce. Everyday Drew was so excited to go (no lie everyday, never complained) and I literally had to make her leave everyday! We know Mrs. Joyce is going to enjoy this new chapter in her life, but we sure will miss her and won't ever forget her!

Lolly let us have our end of year party at her gym! It was wonderful and she did an awesome job organizing all of the activities. The kids had a lot of fun and it was a great way to end our year.

If you look closely you can see that Mrs. Joyce is holding a little red clock in her right hand. Before we ever went in the store to get her gift Drew had it in her mind that Mrs. Joyce definitely needed a clock!haha! Sooo, what do you think we bought her?! That's right, a clock! Mommy also picked out a cute little "love" plaque to go along with the awesome clock ha!
Of course, Mrs. Joyce absolutely loved them both :)

After the party we went to the play Beauty and The Beast with some friends. It was wonderful and Drew absolutely loved it (no pics). And then that night we had Joseph's high school graduation. We ended the school year with a bang! We are ready to get the cast off and start the summer fun!

**Keep scrolling down through the posts. I posted a few more of what we've been up to the last couple of weeks!**

Saturday School

Saturday morning Bennett had one of his books out. I asked Drew to help him read it....
Aren't they sweet?!

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Summer...

Clear blue skies, bright bright sun and those temperatures are rising! I think summer is around the corner!
By the way, we are now to a red cast! Hopefully our last :)

Anybody wanna cruise with these two?! Looks like trouble to me!

Summer Ad

A couple of weeks ago we went out to a beautiful farm and took some pictures for the new summer ad. The kids did really good and we were so excited with how the pictures turned out.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Purple to Pink

Drew had her check up today. They took some more x-rays and saw that it was healing well and told us that we will not need to do pins! Yeah!! Very glad about that! She chose to switch colors from purple to pink. I was a little partial to the purple, but the signatures will show up much better on the pink :) As Drew said, " It was purplicious now it's pinkalicious"...can't go wrong with that! We were definitely not alone in the broken arm department, there were literally like 5 other kids with casts coming in for appointments while we were there. I was getting tickled because they were all "eyeing" each other checking out their casts. Camo seemed to be quite popular :)
Bye bye purple
Drew did not care for the all! It was loud, felt hot on her arm and poor thing was scared to death they were about to cut her arm off :( She was crying and screaming at the nurse to STOP! It made me so sad.

Hello Pink! I must say she wasn't quite as excited about the cast this time. Knowing how it will have to come off made her not want another one. She was brave and tough though! Although she cried a little and was less than thrilled about the saw she smiled nearly the whole time... sweet girl ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Anatomy 101

A little anatomy lesson --and other basic knowledge :)-- brought to you by Bennett from a pink bumbo

On another note, thank-you so much to everyone who called, came by or brought Drew little "happy's" to cheer her up ;) It means a lot that we have such sweet and caring friends and family. I realize that people break bones and get casts everyday, but it's new to our little family and we truly appreciate all the love ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What a Day

I guess nothing officially says "I'm a preschooler" like a big purple cast and a nice FRACTURED ELBOW! Drew fell off the monkey bars at preschool today and landed right on her little elbow. And boy did she land just right because she broke it!!

The saddest part of the whole ordeal was that after she fell she seemed fine to her teachers so nothing was done! :( I know that they honestly had no idea how bad it was, but it just broke my heart to think about how much pain she must have been in. Anna picked the girls up today and the teacher let her know about the fall, but that she was okay (yeah,not so much). Anna immediately called me after she got in the car and told me something wasn't "right". She said Drew was not moving her right arm and that her elbow was very swollen. Anna also said that Drew wasn't acting quite herself. She was very tired acting and very quiet and not moving much...I immediately thought she had a concussion! I told Anna to get her to me NOW!

Once I saw Drew I knew her arm was broken and we immediately got her to the doctor's office to get it X-rayed. Thankfully she did not have a concussion, but they sent us to the Ortho office to get a better look at the X-rays. Once there, they looked closer at the x-rays, took some more pictures and then they discussed surgery and placing a pin in her elbow! What?!! After calling another ortho doc they decided we would cast it now, come back in a week, take the cast off, take more xrays and redetermine about the pins. Either way Drew will have the cast for 4 weeks...hopefully with no surgery and pins ( the outlook is good for no surgery)

All in all she has been a trooper!! She only cried when they had to really turn her arm for the x-ray, but other than that she was so brave! She has only complained a couple of times about the cast and very little about the pain.

I'm so thankful God was watching over her and that it wasn't something much worse... He protected her little head :). I'm also thankful that this happened at the beginning of the summer season and not smack in the middle of swimming and beach time. And it sure doesn't hurt that Drew has a fresh hot pink mani/pedi that go perfect with her purple cast!! ;) Brandan and I both told her that she has something that neither of us have ever had (crazy enough we've never had any broken bones!!... and Brandan has totaled 2 cars!!haha!)!

I'm praying that her adjustment to having a cast isn't too uncomfortable and that everything heals as it should.
Life happens!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Drew goes to Prom

Thank goodness not hers!! Last Saturday night was prom for Brandan's little brother Joseph. Drew and I tagged along to the "pre-prom" activities and got some pictures. It was so exciting for Drew! She was in complete awe! Of course, she was very quiet and shy, but I could tell the little wheels in her mind were going 90 to nothing. I can only imagine what all she was thinking?! One thing I know she was thinking was that she was surrounded by princes and princesses!ha! I know that because she kept asking me, " Momma, how do you know all these princesses names?!"... so sweet :)

Joseph and his date, Rose, looked absolutely beautiful! Well, I guess I should say Joseph looked handsome ;) and maybe I am bias, but he was hands down the cutest guy there (he takes after his big brother ;) Drew associated all the girls with each Disney princess... so can you guess who Rose was?? Yellow dress, brown hair... Belle! Another girl there had on a light blue dress, so of course Drew whispers in my ear "Momma there's Cinderella!" And then there is Miss Bridget with her gorgeous red hair...that's a no-brainer... Ariel!

I just want to add that going to something like this makes 30 feel old!! haha! I mean, 30 is old enough that it was actually acceptable for me to tag along and not "uncool". The teenagers actually say "yes, ma'am" to me!haha! "Yes, ma'am??!!"... hey I only went to prom like 1, 5, ....12 years ago! wow! maybe I am old?
I also know that before I blink, I will be taking pictures of Drew at her prom and that nearly brought tears to my eyes ;)
Anyway... here are some pics from the fun time :)

Nate, Joseph and Ashton

Nate and Joseph

Nate, Joseph and Carson

All the guys... those white tuxes are cracking me up! Although, I do like the fad of all black with colored tie

Drew and Miss Hannah P.

Drew and Miss Jacie

Drew and Miss Bridget with her date Tanner

Drew and Miss Mallory

Drew and Miss Hannah M.