Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November in Instagram

A few pictures from November...
School picture day. Of course it was a drama filled morning with lots of crying. So, at breakfast I sat her school picture from last year in front of her for some motivation to turn that frown upside down.... go ahead and laugh, but I did :)

Little Rock Tailgating... visiting Tusk

We headed over to Garvan Gardens on Friday after Thanksgiving.... along with the rest of the state of Arkansas!! WOW-it was insanely crowded!!

Drew in her Cinderella wedding gown... I always get a little lump in my throat when she puts this on ;)

Getting ready for Christmas!

Drew at her 4yr/pre kindergarten check up... {sighhhh} I can't believe this is even possible

Good morning sister!! Bennett climbed on Drew and laid his little head on her chest and just hugged and hugged her... so sweet :)

**If you keep scrolling I followed through and posted on our last day in Disney. Check it out!**

ByeBye Disney

For our last day in Disney we headed back over to Magic Kingdom. We wanted to try and meet some characters that we hadn't had the chance to meet yet. You have to stand in line and wait to meet the characters, so it kind of seemed like on the other days that we had to choose between that and the rides.... so we chose rides. Soooo, this was our day to play catch up!

The whole gang

Family Pic

With as many doors and hallways that we had to go through, you would've thought we were waiting in line to meet the president!! Well I guess in Disney he kinda is...
Minnie was supposed to be there too, but when we went in she wasn't there?? I asked and they told me that Minnie "comes and goes"--Now Minnie, that just isn't going to work!! We were disappointed, but we survived :( There's always next time!

Brandan was trying to get Bennett to move closer to Pluto, but he wasn't budging :)

One last reach for the whiskers

Drew holding Mary's umbrella!

It was a super fun trip! I would love to do it again, but I need about a 3yr break! haha

Back in September...

I turned 31! Is that possible?! I guess so. Now I suppose that means I'm "in my 30's" blahhh :) It's funny though, but with every birthday it makes me so happy when the kids enjoy my birthday-lol- I guess that what it's all about now, right!!

They really liked my cake! haha

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom

Day number 3 we were off to the Animal Kingdom! While, it was pretty interesting I will say it wasn't my favorite :) Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Drew had her ultimate meltdown here-lol-Momma had to put on her happy face :-)!! The first thing we went to was the Bug's Life 3D interactive show which is inside the tree of life (ya know from Lion King). And it was VERY realistic... almost too much so for Drew haha! she freaked out! It felt and smelled like a stink bug sprayed us, we could feel termites crawling under our booties on the bench and then at one point it felt like bugs were flying into our faces! Honestly, it was pretty cool but maybe a little much for Drew and Bennett?!
Waiting inside the tree to go into the Bug's life show

Next we headed over to DinoLand.... I wasn't very impressed with the goings on here... kinda state fair-ish... very unlike disney?? We didn't stay long, but of course drew loved it here...go figure!

Lunch was at Rainforest Cafe... which is a reason in itself to head over to Animal Kingdom. So neat!!
Take notice of Drew's face here... somewhat of the psycho kid face, yeah she pretty much lost it here... I was ready to feed her to the tiger to the left of our table!

The last adventure we had in the Animal Kingdom was the safari. Drew absolutely loved this! Which, I guess it kinda depends on the animals as to how well it goes, but luckily they were in a good mood for us! Poor little bennettboo was sacked out through this ride and he would have loved it. Drew was really concerned about the poachers our guide warned us about... they were "after a baby elephant"... she asked me about it the rest of the day :)

Up-side-down tree

Look at her face... she was super impressed with something!

Hollywood Studios

We ended the day at Hollywood Studios! This is one of my favorites.... I kinda wish Brandan and I could've done some things here on our own... Tower of Terror , Indiana Jones etc... BUT the BEST Toy Story Ride is here in the Pixar section of the park and we had a blast doing that with the kids!

We were lucky and just as we walked in we were able to catch a Disney Junior show! We didn't even have to wait in line! Bennett and Drew loved it!

Amy and Kevin were so nice and watched Bennett and Drew while we rode the Rockin' Roller Coaster! Such a fun roller coaster... it's Aerosmith themed!
When we got off we met them in the gift shop and Drew was decked out in true rocker fashion!

Whew... our Disney trip is coming to an end. For the last day we headed back to the Magic Kingdom to meet some of the characters we hadn't said hi to yet!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Savvy Kids

Back in September Drew's buddy Hudson from preschool invited her to come and do a little Halloween photo shoot for the October issue of a local magazine called Savvy Kids. They had her a costume to wear and she loved it! I was proud of her and thought she did great! I only snapped a few pictures with my phone. All of the kids looked really cute and the spread turned out cute too. :)
Butterfly Princess

I know this isn't the greatest angle but the kids were dressed up as a bumble bee, witch, lil monster, butterfly princess and a pirate. Thanks for inviting us Hudson :)