Saturday, April 30, 2011

Disney Princess Date

Last Saturday night Drew and I along with a group of sweet little friends and their momma's went to dinner and a show. Disney Princess on Ice to be specific and we had a wonderful time! Drew went as Princess Jasmine... I mean of course that's who she would pick-I think it's the similarity in hair-:) We had a delicious dinner at Cantina Laredo and got quite a few looks with all of the girls being in their princess get-ups!
I wish they wouldn't have put "princess" in the title of the show because I'm afraid it might have scared some boys away. It was definitely not gender specific and so entertaining for everyone! I'm so glad we did have one little prince in our group--sweet Max- -and I think he had a pretty good time with all of his princesses ;)

Back at Honey's house Bennett and Michael stayed with Honey, Nanny and PopPop. They had some dinner, bath and a little play time. We were so thankful they were able to stay at home! They would have been quite a handful on top of the other 5 preschoolers, but their time is coming when they will get to go :) From the pictures it looks like they had quite a time of their own.

Max brought a fruit roll-up for each of his princesses when he arrived. What a prince...

A princess in waiting.... for her cheese quesadilla!

Finley stepping into her Rapunzel dress

How cute is this?!
Max, Evie, Finley, Drew and Megan

This is how Drew looked most of the show :)

$12.00 cotton candy... oh don't worry the crown came with it! I think it was gold plated!

Take a close look at how Drew is devouring this snow cone like she hasn't eaten in days and also look at how everyone is staring at her like "what arrre you doing?!" Drew went a little nutty on the snow cone! Why, I'm not sure?! At one point the scoop of ice even fell on the floor and she (without a second thought) picked it right back up, plopped it back in the cup and carried on with her inhalation of the snow cone.
Oh yes, by the way, the snow cone was $15.oo haha!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Pictures

Easter seemed so special this year. Not that it isn't always... but, I think, this year seemed to tug at my heart strings a little more because Drew seemed to take interest and somewhat understand the Crucifixion and Resurrection. Now, not totally understand, but she seemed to soak some of it up and wanted to talk about it. And that is just so important to me because it is the basis for everything we believe :)
We also had a Good Friday service at church this year which was a very special time of reflection and worship for what Jesus did on the cross for us. I really hope we continue that each year.
And of course Sunday was a wonderful day because we got to celebrate the resurrection! Church service was great and all the beautiful banners that were carried into the sanctuary with the different names of Jesus were wonderful as always.
After church we were able to get some pictures of the fam and the weather was perrrfect for picture taking .... you know a little overcast with just the right amount of light... So excuse the overload, but I just thought they were all so good :)!

Happy Easter!
He is not here;he has risen! Luke 24:6

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Catch

This past Sunday we skipped church and headed over to the lake house. It was nice to get in some good ol' QFT. We had some time to kill before lunch, so we decided to do a little bit of fishing... plus mom had just gotten the girls some new princess fishing poles and gone out and bought crickets and worms (ewww... I told her she could bait those) so that made it extra fun! We went down to the dock behind the house and honestly had no expectations of catching anything... I mean you can see right to the bottom, but we wanted to show Drew some of the fishing "basics". Well what do you know, after a few casts and a little bit of waiting we caught one!! Drew's first fish!! She was flipping out! She was both excited and freaked out at the same time haha! It was actually pretty entertaining for everyone :)

Look at her face ;)

Yelling at Teddy to come and look..."Teddyyyyyy"

We put the fish down in a bucket with some water, so everyone could get a good look... Bennett wasn't quite sure about the fish.


After lunch we did a little egg hunting while the boys napped

And finally Brandan had the great idea of playing football... I say "great" because he thought we should just go ahead and play all out tackle football! Ummm Momma didn't think it was that great of an idea :). Fortunately, it didn't turn out nearly as bad as I had foreseen and it was actually kinda funny

maybe not that funny... see Drew's face haha

take er' down Drew!!

p.s. we did make it into church that evening for drew and evie's choir performance ;)