Thursday, July 30, 2009

Drew's funny habit

Drew has the funniest habit... if you leave your shoes lying around she will pick them up and straighten them to where they are exactly in line with each other. I mean not even a centimeter out of place! I have even seen her do this at other people's homes! So, as I was picking up around the house tonight I couldn't find my shoes. Well, I found them sitting by the back door and this is exactly how they looked! Look very closely... not even a hair out of line! She is so funny... what does this mean that she does this?!!

One last thing...While I was cleaning the kitchen I hear my name being called for me to come to Drew's room. I went into her room to find her and Brandan doing this...
I couldn't help but laugh... she thought this was so great! I guess they were practicing "stunts"... not exactly sure how safe this is, but definitely fun!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Girl!

Well I can officially say we are done with diapers and in BIG GIRL PANTIES! It has been a couple of weeks now that we started all of this and Drew is doing great! We do have the occasional accident, but all in all I am really impressed with her. I can honestly take NO credit for her training. It was her doing and I am just guiding her along the way. She is definitely a strong willed girl!

One concern (and question)... she is a little over eager about going number 2 every time she gets on the potty (I know TMI) and I am worried that she could give herself a hemorrhoid... well I think she just may have done it. I started noticing something down there and I am thinking that is what it is?? I am going to call the doctor but I was curious if anyone else had this occur with their toddler. What did you do? I know this is kinda personal info, I just want to be a good momma...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh Boy, Koi

This morning after Drew woke up she wanted to go out in the back yard and put her feet in our Koi pond. I let her sit at the top and splash her feet around. It was so nice outside this morning, there was a breeze and the weather was beautiful. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Splish Splash Video

Drew and Evie were playing around in the water one evening in Destin... not much goes on in the video, but it is pretty cute. The sound of the ocean is so nice...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beach Bums

Some pictures from the beach in Destin...

Drew and Evie sharing a snack... or at least Drew is thinking about sharing

Paddle ball anyone?

Evie blowing up her water wings

Look very closely... yes.... she is!!

Drew showing momma her sea shells

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dinner in Destin

Each year in Destin we eat at our favorite restaurant, Louisiana Lagniappe. It is delicious and they have a great dock/board walk for taking pictures. We made sure to get there at 5:00 to try and beat the crowd, well little did we know they didn't even open until 5:00 and we were like the first people there!! We were able to be immediately seated with no wait... it was great!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

To Florida and back...

This past week was our annual trip to Destin, FL. We usually go in May, but decided to go in June this year so the water would be nice and warm for the girls. It was definitely warm enough... nice and toasty! We had a good time, Drew and Evie enjoyed the beach much more this year than last. We cooked at the condo a lot, ate out a couple of times, the guys played golf and Drew and Evie were actually pretty well behaved. They had their occasional "disagreement", but for the most part we had a nice family vacation. Although, I do want to add that for the 11 hour car ride ( 11 there and 11 back, driving straight through) Miss Drew Elizabeth only slept a maximum of 40 minutes!!! It was insane! While I will say that she was not bad at all... did not cry... did not fuss... just DID NOT SLEEP. And by the way you or anyone else sitting beside her was not aloud to sleep either... "Momma, you sleeping??"..."No, Drew not anymore!" Glad the car ride is over and glad to be back at home. Hope you enjoy the pictures! More to come...

Brandan and Drew

Playing Putt-putt

Drew after a long day at the beach and a long nap!

This pic and the next few that follow are from an evening when we let the girls play while we were waiting on our supper to grill

Family picture night