Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lookin' Good Don't Come Easy

In case you were wondering these are high fashion shoes for a 2 year old! Drew insisted on wearing these ALL day today. I tried to persuade her that these might not be the best choice in footwear due to the chili temperatures, but she wasn't hearing it. These are what she wore while we ran some errands, visited the car lot to see her daddy and most of the time we were at home. Needless to say they definitely did not go with the jeans and shirt she was wearing.

Well after a day of wearing these, Little Miss Fashionista found out that beauty can come at a price...

These pictures don't quite do her little toe justice, but those "high fashion heels" left two NASTY blisters on her pinky toe.
She's learned at an early age that cute shoes are usually not the most comfortable. I think most girls can agree (and their feet) that "lookin good ain't always easy"! As they say... No pain-No gain!

We fixed those ouies up tonight with some Nemo band-aids... maybe tomorrow she will make a more practical shoe choice ;) ... maybe

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Long Visit at the Dr's Office

Well, I really don't feel like posting because I am so tired, but I figure this needs to be documented and friends and family will appreciate it. I went yesterday (Thursday Oct. 1) for my routine 22 week check and boy was it a more eventful appointment than I expected! Brandan almost didn't go to this check up with me, but I am SO glad he did. I definitely needed him there.

We went through all the normal procedures... urine sample, weight and blood pressure and then checking the heartbeat with the doppler... that's when things started getting interesting. Dr. Singleton found the heartbeat right away, Bennett was moving and kicking like crazy :) and from what I could hear I thought it sounded great. But, I could tell something wasn't quite right because Dr. Singleton kept listening and listening to the heart rate and being very quiet. One wonderful quality of him is that he keeps a great "poker face" and explains everything thoroughly and without emotion.

When he was finished, he explained to me that as he was listening to the heart rate it would slow considerably for several seconds and then pick back up into the 140's. He said it could be nothing, but he wanted me to go back to ultra sound and check it there as well. He explained more in details, but honestly, all I could think was "what is wrong??!!" Well, I lost it! Heart issues and sick babies are very fresh and raw on my emotions right now with things I just went through with a good friend from college and it was just too much !

We went back to ultrasound and she ran the ultrasound for around 10 minutes. Then she explained that she found the same thing and that it happened twice. We then had to see Dr. Singleton again and he explained that we would be going over to Baptist to check in and be monitored for about 2hours and see a specialized Doctor that could tell us exactly what was going on. Needless to say I lost it again!

Skipping through many details... we checked in on the 2nd floor and 2hrs turned into overnight! It turned into overnight mainly, because, at this point it was getting close to evening time and the specialist that I needed to see had already gone home. Which, in a way was a little comforting because I knew if it was urgent they would've called him to come back to the hospital (and they didn't).

The entire time at the hospital I was calm and felt a peace with everything and really felt God's hand in the whole ordeal. Bennett only had one episode through the night. This morning the specialist came around 10 am with his fancy, high-tech ultra sound equipment to check every inch of Bennett! This Doctor by the way, is Dr. Chattalane (spell??) and he is amazing!

The doctor checked everything... brain, umbilical chord, stomach, hands, feet, spine, all measurements... you name it and he checked it! Last and definitely not least, he checked his precious heart, every chamber, valve, blood flowing in and out and anything else that involves the heart. He could find nothing wrong structually or anywhere else. He said and I quote " His heart couldn't look more perfect!" (tears run down my cheeks just being so happy!)

As far as the drop in his heart rate, it can't really be explained. It probably happens more than we know in growing and developing babies, it just so happened that we caught it several times yesterday. Bennett is healthy and everything looks perfect and as it should for 22 weeks gestation... oh and something kind of exciting he said by his measurement I am actually measuring 23 weeks!

It was a whirlwind of an appointment, but also a blessing because with the detailed ultra sound I got to see every inch of Bennett and it made me feel so good and reassured. Babies are truly amazing! God is pretty amazing too!

Thank you Anna, Rachel and Mom for taking such good care of Drew. Thank you family and friends for praying, calling and texting. And thank you Brandan for being right beside me, I love you.

Sorry this post is like a novel, but whewww that felt good!