Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our New Baby and lots of "catch up pics"

Well not literally "our" baby... as in Bennett, but it's the next closest thing! Baby Michael arrived on November 11th, weighing 8lbs. Anna had a scheduled C-section and everything went great. He is such a sweet baby. So far he eats and sleeps great and is beautiful. We are so thankful for such a healthy, wonderful baby! They have been home for about a week now and everyone is trying to get adjusted to having a new baby in the house (I can't wait to see how that goes when Bennett comes home with us). I will be posting lots more pictures of baby Michael.

I have been a little absent from the whole blogging thing, but we have had an incredibly busy last couple of months! Number 1- we've MOVED!! We are still in the same neighborhood, just a different house. We've been here about 3 weeks now and are still trying to get settled in. During the process of the move Drew managed to spill a "liquid" all over our laptop... or at least that's what I told the geek squad at best buy. Actually she peed all over it one day when she was watching a movie on it... I thought I might have a heart attack! But, after a couple of weeks at the computer hospital it came back safe and sound.
Number 2- Baby Michael came!! I know that is only 2 things (well 3 if you count Drew peeing on the computer), but they are pretty HUGE! Blogging took a back seat for a while... anyway here are lots of catch up pictures!

Michael Leigh Hendrix

Proud big sis showing Drew and Megan her new baby

Amber bought all the girls their "own" babies to take care of

Pumpkin Patch

Drew on the hayride

Daddy got to go with us to the pumpkin patch!! Brandan and Drew in the maze

It's.... SUPER DREW... Drew in her Halloween costume!

The super hero and her trusty side kick

Drew's "big girl" room at our new house (somewhat finished)!