Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

-Thumbs Up-

No more cast!! Yay! That thing is gone and I couldn't be happier! It is hot and we need to swim!! I think I am/was more excited than Drew to throw that cast in the trash! I'm gonna tell you it was starting to have an aroma that was not to my liking :) plus it had gotten wet a couple of times and combined with this heat... ga.rose.

I asked Drew to show me her "I just got my cast off" pose... Sweet girl was such a trooper through this whole thing

Her poor little skin is all red,bumpy and irritated. Hopefully that will go away soon

Ahhhh, so nice to ride in the carseat with no cast

Bennett says he's happy too ;)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Taking a Break at the Lake

The Hudspeth Fam needed a little break from reality, so Tuesday night we packed up and headed over to the lake house. Wednesday was Brandan's day off so we had the whole day to hang out. It was a much needed change of scenery and we actually had a really fun time. We got on the lake that morning and spent most of the day on the water. We packed an ice chest with drinks and food so we could stay on the boat. We went in around Bennett's nap time, let him sleep and then at dinner we ordered Fisherman's Wharf and went and picked it up in the boat. We laughed, played and let the wind hit our faces! As Brandan said, "Nothing is technically "relaxing" with two kids running around" (haha), but none the less we had a really great time as a family of four :)
Yes, we brought the dog (some of you may know my feelings about the dog... her name is Maggie...anybody wanting a Westie...just kidding not really) she got to hang out on the boat for a little while


Drew and I rode in the tube for a moment... Until Drew thought it was not. fun. at. all. Then she just wanted to "float"

Bennett took a GREAT nap and then joined Drew to watch some cartoons

cheeeeese... little stinker

And last, BUT not least.... While Bennett was napping Drew and I were playing in the back yard, we walked close to the dock to see if we could spot any turtles poking their heads up. Well, we saw something a little more interesting than a turtle!! When I first saw this nasty thing it was across the cove and I was thinking to myself "what the heck kind of fish is this that I can see it from that far away and it look so big?!"
It made its way over to the side where Drew and I were and then Drew spotted it!haha! She started screaming, "ALLIGATOR, ALLIGATOR!!" (honestly I wasn't too far from screaming it myself) I told her to run and get her daddy and tell him to come look at this thing!
Mr. Fish Expert arrives and confirms that it is indeed an Alligator Garr, common to the Arkansan rivers, bays, etc.. and apparently LAKE HAMILTON!! Ewwww!
I'll just go ahead and tell you this thing was as long as Drew (you can't tell from the pics) seriously, as long as Drew and I didn't need to get up close to know that it had teeth! Go ahead and google image "Alligator Garr" people... they.are.scary!! Well needless to say Drew and I got quite a rush of excitement from the freaky fish!
This was definitely a change of scenery from Hole 11 on the ol' golf course haha!!
My fears are confirmed. I knew I was a smart girl for not wanting to swim in water where I can't see my feet ha!