Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ByeBye Disney

For our last day in Disney we headed back over to Magic Kingdom. We wanted to try and meet some characters that we hadn't had the chance to meet yet. You have to stand in line and wait to meet the characters, so it kind of seemed like on the other days that we had to choose between that and the rides.... so we chose rides. Soooo, this was our day to play catch up!

The whole gang

Family Pic

With as many doors and hallways that we had to go through, you would've thought we were waiting in line to meet the president!! Well I guess in Disney he kinda is...
Minnie was supposed to be there too, but when we went in she wasn't there?? I asked and they told me that Minnie "comes and goes"--Now Minnie, that just isn't going to work!! We were disappointed, but we survived :( There's always next time!

Brandan was trying to get Bennett to move closer to Pluto, but he wasn't budging :)

One last reach for the whiskers

Drew holding Mary's umbrella!

It was a super fun trip! I would love to do it again, but I need about a 3yr break! haha

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